10 Reasons to Join URSEA

1. URSEA is the only organization that concentrates exclusively on the needs of Utah retired school employees.

2. URSEA develops a legislative program every year, which is designed to improve, the financial benefits of Utah retired school employees.

3. URSEA members make contact with candidates for state offices for the purpose of getting commitments to the association’s legislative program.

4. URSEA has its executive board plus other members monitoring the legislative session to keep track of legislation both good and bad that is of concern to Utah retired school employees.

5. URSEA affords opportunities for united action in solving problems relative to the needs of retired educators.

6. URSEA members receive a newsletter four times yearly, which is designed to keep them informed of state and local news of concern to our members.

7. URSEA promotes the image of aging as one of dignity and independence.

8. URSEA members maintain a strong sense of camaraderie with retired school employees locally and throughout the state.

9. URSEA is represented on the Utah Retirement Membership Council by its Executive Director.

10. URSEA maintains this website to keep its members better informed on a timely basis.