Through the years, the members of the Utah Retired School Employees Association have worked together to create a strong, viable, and professional organization

URSEA Levels

Local & District Levels

  • With a presence in many counties in the state, URSEA has something for every retired school employee.
  • 14 Local Units in the state
  • Major influence in protecting and improving pension benefits for retirees.
  • Monitor state legislative and retirement proceedings with URSEA legislative priorities.
  • Information on local units available through URSEA office.



State & District Membership

  • URSEA and its 14 state-wide units do not endorse candidates for political office.

Membership in URSEA Offers

  • Four URSEA Newsletters yearly
  • Liaison with Teachers' Retirement System of Utah
  • Liaison with other State Employees Retirement Systems
  • Annual state convention
  • Liaison with state AARP and with NRTA
  • Promotes image of dignity and independence of aging
  • Provides and encourages opportunity for contact with friends and associates


National Level-NRTA

  • Income tax assistance and 55 Alive Driving program conducted through URSEA and AARP units.
  • National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) is a division of AARP serving retired educators and administrators 50 and over.
  • Colorful, bimonthly NRTA edition of Modern Maturity magazine.
  • Monthly NRTA Bulletin
  • Local participation in national volunteer commitment to support local youth programs.
  • National network of retired teacher associations
  • Legislative representation at state and national level