The Utah Retired School Employees Association is a strong and vibrant organization in our state. We believe we have much to offer and we invite you to renew or join our association.
We have an Annual Convention, usually late in September, a quarterly newsletter, and a two page publication about every other month to keep members current on issues and activities.

New benefits are continually being added to meet your needs and interests. In addition to valuable discounts on hotels, cars, and vacations, you also have access to dental insurance, a vision plan, and many other great benefits!

Membership is only $12.00 per year which can be paid annually to our Secretary or the dues can be deducted from your retirement check at just $1.00 each month. Membership is from September 1 - August 31 the following year. Several choices are available for payment of URSEA dues. You can authorize the Teachers' Retirement System of Utah to deduct your URSEA dues from your retirement check monthly. You may cancel this authorization at any time by written request to the URSEA office.

Associate memberships in URSEA are available to actively employed teachers and other employees of the education community and to individuals who may be interested in supporting the causes of

retired educators.

We hope you will renew or join with us. It is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of the benefits offered, to enjoy the friendship of colleagues and new friends, and to participate in informative and enjoyable activities

10 Great Reasons to Join URSEA!

1. URSEA is the only organization that concentrates exclusively on the needs of Utah retired school employees.

2. URSEA develops a legislative program every year, which is designed to improve, the financial benefits of Utah retired school employees.

3. URSEA members make contact with candidates for state offices for the purpose of getting commitments to the association’s legislative program.

4. URSEA has its executive board plus other members monitoring the legislative session to keep track of legislation both good and bad that is of concern to Utah retired school employees.

5. URSEA affords opportunities for united action in solving problems relative to the needs of retired educators.

6. URSEA members receive a newsletter four times yearly, which is designed to keep them informed of state and local news of concern to our members.

7. URSEA promotes the image of aging as one of dignity and independence.

8. URSEA members maintain a strong sense of camaraderie with retired school employees locally and throughout the state.

9. URSEA is represented on the Utah Retirement Membership Council by its Executive Director.

10. URSEA maintains this website to keep its members better informed on a timely basis. 

Local & District Levels

-With a presence in many counties in the state, URSEA

has something for every retired school employee.
-14 Local Units in the state
-Major influence in protecting and improving pension benefits for retirees.
-Monitor state legislative and retirement proceedings with URSEA legislative priorities.
-Information on local units available through URSEA office

State & District Membership

-URSEA and its 14 state-wide units do not endorse candidates for political office.
Membership in URSEA Offers:

-Four URSEA Newsletters yearly.
-Liaison with Teachers' Retirement System of Utah.
-Liaison with other State Employees Retirement Systems.
-Annual state convention.
-Liaison with state AARP and with NRTA.
-Promotes image of dignity and independence of aging.
-Provides and encourages opportunity for contact with friends and associates

National Level-NRTA

-Income tax assistance and 55 Alive Driving program conducted
through URSEA and AARP units.
-National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) is a division of AARP serving retired educators and administrators 50 and over.
-Colorful, bimonthly NRTA edition of Modern Maturity magazine.
-Monthly NRTA Bulletin.
-Local participation in national volunteer commitment to support local youth programs.
-National network of retired teacher associations.
-Legislative representation at state and national level